About This Site

Catholic Inspiration is a micro blog dedicated to highlighting the author’s favorite “snippets” of Catholic images, places, culture and thoughts. The site is not a forum for theological discourse; there are many other fine websites administered by sound and educated theologians that serve this purpose.

Several years ago, a wise and holy priest said to me that our Catholic faith is so deep and rich that we can never learn nor grasp all that it offers in our limited life span. But, we will grasp the fullness of truth when, God permitting, we reach our heavenly home.

Each of us is a pilgrim and along our respective journeys we find sources of beauty and moments of spiritual awakening. The author wishes to share her personal collection of inspirations with you, the reader. She hopes her selections lead you to a sense of reverence for Divine Matters.

The author places this site under the care of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom. Through her loving maternal intercessions she leads God’s children to her Divine Son. An added patron is St. Isidore, patron saint of web surfers. St. Isidore was a seventh century bishop in Seville, Spain. He is the creator of a twenty-volume encyclopedia, Etymologiae, that covered subjects ranging from arts to history and mathematics. This work was a tool for many who sought wisdom, knowledge and information—much like today’s web surfer.

I hope you become a regular reader of Catholic Inspiration. Peace be with you.

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